Horoscopes for october 29 2019

This is a great time to seek out others who amplify your desire for love and harmony.

Your daily horoscope: October 29

If you've been considering a makeover, or simply additional beauty buys, now is the time to act. The call between your domestic life and stepping away from the pull of family and duty will take all of your finely honed skills. You're a lover, not a fighter; however, you'll need to enforce a boundary and stand up for your need to go solo sometimes. You make the perfect one-on-one, but it's important to share the airwaves and connect intellectually with various people to keep your mind stimulated.

Assure your domestic scene that you are devoted yet need to live your own life on your terms too. Mercury moves into your sign this week, firing up your mind and pushing you to connect.

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You're more chatty than usual, so utilize the extra spark to research your ideas, connect deeply to ferret out information, and put your findings together. Making new connections is highlighted; be open to those who pique your curiosity. If you prefer to magnetically draw others in, let them know with eye contact that you're open to learning more about them.

Much of your energy is still in retreat. However, siblings or even your local environment may be demanding you come out of your zen zone to deal with issues on the boil. Your ruling planet Pluto has been in one long retrograde. As it moves forward this week, any areas of stagnation around self-development and growth will feel like you've been able to pull the plug, flush out with clean running water and start moving forward.

Note the extra clarity you have around how you express yourself, your personal power, and your mind-set underpinning it. You're open to a flurry of social activity, which is just the way you like it, Sagittarius. Take the initiative to connect as you'll have a barrel of energy to meet one-on-one with people from all walks of life. Everyone has wisdom to share, as you do with them. All it takes is for you to say yes or to make the first move. If someone stands out to you, in a positive way, or reminds you of someone favorable, say hello—a revelation will light you both up.

To balance out the firestorm of friending, find time for quiet contemplation, meditation, or some creative arts that put you in touch with the muse. Fire signs are all about the flashes of intuition, while Sagittarius has the ability to jump ahead on the path and see what's coming up on the distant horizon. Growth and expansion spell change.

Gale-force winds are billowing your sails, Sagittarius, which means you'll have to make some big decisions.

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Consult the voice that knows by trusting your inner sage wisdom. As Mars moves into your career zone, take action and lead on ideas you've been developing. Balance a desire to compromise and consider all angles with the way you present or identify personally. How can you wield your personal power while also maintaining the collaborative and diplomatic approach you've been cultivating at work?

As leadership is a must, perhaps it's time to delegate so you can get on with the business of being you. The weekend's first-quarter moon in your sign will provide the cosmic impetus you need to forge both your identity and your path. Make that pivotal decision and move forward. The cosmic plunger Pluto U-turns in your sign this week, meaning deep personal renovation and reconstruction is ready to be unmasked.

It's important you keep stepping up and showing up as the legacy you would like to leave this world with. It's a big call, but you're here to do big things, Capricorn. As Mars moves into your travel and study zone, you'll have energy to burn. Plan a special trip to a far-off place with a friend or partner, or just meet up to climb some conceptual scaffolding in conversation on your favorite topics. Burn off extra steam by debating your points of view to see what the heat reveals.

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This is a great way to learn as well as find any gaps in your knowledge and your ability to express it. Which beliefs are you passionate enough to get behind and fight for? You may come on strong and it might be hard to get clarity around where exactly your passion is coming from. Sometimes knowledge is channeled via undefined sources, and this can be a real bee in your science-based bonnet.

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How can you find a way for your intuitive voice and your beliefs to not only coexist but inform each other? More romantic love!

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  • Just all kinds of Modern Love Oct. How could this show come out any time other than your season? Star Ruby Rose a Pisces brings the emotional power shared by all water signs to the title character, speaking directly to your deep Scorpio heart. You hate to feel trapped, Sagittarius, in any possible way. Aquarians are kind of like lighthouses — floating in the sky, looking far ahead, guiding mankind forward. Stay strange, water bearer.

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    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. It's like we are drowning in our emotions all day! But it's healing rain. I love when I feel my emotions intensely.

    It's not until the first quarter Moon arrives on Wednesday that we have any planets in a fire sign. So, use this day to be grounded, thoughtful and emotional in a positive way. Aries, today's watery landscape can have a calming affect on your determination to express yourself in loving ways. Let yourself be taken over by the wave of inspiration to dote on your loved one. If you're single, go with the flow and be open to romantic possibilities.

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    Taurus, sensuality is yours today. You can enjoy the little things that life has to offer without too much resistance from your loved one who may feel busy at the start of the week. Do something different tonight, like dance in your pjs or enjoy a nice romantic candle light dinner for two listening to your favorite song. Cancer, the energy is just right to take initiative and ask someone you like out on a date.

    You may or may not get the exact answer you're looking for today, but a clue to the future can be revealed so you know if the interest is mutual. Leo, when it comes to love you may feel yourself becoming comfortable with the way things are right now, and it's not the time to let down the guards. Instead, be the romance initiator. Speak kindly. Flirt a little and let your personality be the big move. Virgo, when it comes to love you are truly a hidden surprise secret.